Forest, Wildlife &
Field Magagement

We provide project development, field execution and management services to forest and field owners and management companies. In order to maximise the return and efficiency for our clients we employ certified forest&wildlife engineers, agricultural engineers and construction engineers when delivering projects.

Our services include:

  • building gardens with sustainable innovative technologies that also ensure low maintenance effort
  • recultivation of large areas selected for conservation or specific habitat creation
  • 360-degree forest management (purchasing, authority management, utilisation planning, subsidy applications, harvest/plantation/cultivation management)
  • wildlife management services (consulting, meat processing, breeding, hunting organisation)


InnoGreen’s management consulting services focus on business development and project management support of our clients. Our experience includes B2B service development in the ICT industry, forestry/horticultural/agricultural project management and program management of large international transformation programmes.

Our services include:

  • strategy creation, concept creation, business planning
  • building new companies / business units
  • product/service development
  • managing large scale transformations
  • interim management
  • creating / improvement of operational/organisational/governance models
  • design/development/implementation of digital solutions